About me
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About me

Hello! I'm Pablo González Troyano. In this webspace, I'll try to delve into my discoveries and computer tinkering, maybe they can be of your interest!


My background is eminently technical. I am a Computer Systems Administration Technician and since I can remember I have been linked to computers and the geek world.

After much internal debate as to which career to take, I opted for Service Engineering.

Service Engineering is an emerging discipline that integrates Information and Communication Technologies, Social Sciences, Business Management and Psychology. It offers the disciplinary vision necessary to ensure the viability and quality in the execution of projects and business strategies.


This page is not intended to be a LinkedIn (I take this opportunity to refer you to my profile on this social/professional network 🙃). But it may be good to have a small summary of the last positions I have held.

In my school, Colegio El Cid, where I was from the age of 3 to 16, I have collaborated mainly as Innovation and Infrastructure Advisor. For this school, I have deployed and manage Google Workspace for Education accounts, devices, and connectivity.

As a result of this activity I have also collaborated with the community of educators GEG Spain in coordination and organization of events, as well as conferences.

For just over 2 years, until March 2022, I have been a Google Services Specialist at EADEA, a specialized partner for companies and SMEs. During this time, I have helped companies to digitize and make the most of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) tools.

For a few months, I had the pleasure to be part of Evolutio as S&IT Associate for Professional Services (International). In this position, I offer support to large companies in their workloads and migration to the public cloud model (GCP, AWS, Azure, OCI, etc).

Currently, I am trying to do my bit for the Public Administration at the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, demonstrating every day how technology is a key ally to increase the productivity of teams.

Any doubts?

Do not hesitate to contact me for any questions, suggestions, complaints, or clarifications you may have, I will be happy to talk to you!